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Geology Songs and Music

Songs, music and lyrics both light and serious that treat geology and geologic themes.

Earthquake Quartet #1
Seismologist Andy Michael composed this short piece for trombone, cello, soprano and seismograms.

"Geology Rocks"
A simple, bracing single by the duo Jasongs on their "Brain Jam 3" collection.

Glacial Geology Songs
The University of Wisconsin hosts this list of lyrics, some quite crazy.

Heptune's Songs of Geology
Mike Pulte and Brenna Lorentz serve up lyrics for all occasions.

Singing Science Records
Classic set of turn-of-the-sixties kids' records includes "Song of the Rocks."

Song of a Geologist
Said to be a favorite of Roderick Impey Murchison, this Scots dialect lyric was composed by Robert Dick in the mid-1800s.

Songs for Teaching
This outfit has song samples for lots of subjects besides geology.

Till Family Rock Band
This English ensemble was a trans-Atlantic sensation . . . in the 1880s.

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