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Geological Emblems of Canada

The official gemstones, rocks, minerals and fossils of Canada


Geological Emblems of Canada

Diamond, territorial gemstone of the Northwest Territories

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Seven of Canada's thirteen provinces and territories have declared official emblems that are rocks, minerals, gemstones or fossils.

Alberta's provincial stone is petrified wood (source)

British Columbia's provincial gemstone is jade (source)

Labrador is now part of Newfoundland and Labrador, but it formerly honored labradorite as its official mineral (source)

Northwest Territories' official mineral is gold and its territorial gemstone is diamond (source)

Nova Scotia's provincial mineral is stilbite, its provincial gemstone is agate, and its provincial fossil is the primitive reptile Hylonomus lyelli (source)

Ontario's provincial mineral is amethyst (source)

Saskatchewan's provincial mineral is potash (sylvite) (source)

Yukon's territorial gemstone is lazulite (source)

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