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Earth Art with a capital "A" is a formal art movement (which I talk more about elsewhere). This gallery is more diffuse than that. It may seem odd to present art on a science site, but the geologist who ignores the cultural side of Earth is doubly handicapped—first, he or she engages less of the mind in thinking about geology; second, he or she has trouble hearing and addressing the perceptions and concerns of laypeople, whether they are neighbors at home or traditional peoples inhabiting a field area. Everyone has opinions about Earth and its rocks and landforms. Here are some.
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The Earth as an infinite half-spaceCreation Myth by Jesse ReichekA round, structured worldCreation Myth by Jesse ReichekStone-age art on stonePetroglyphsRocks in watercolorsHoodoos by Theo Nelson
Patterns scratched in the sandStinson Beach ArtEnd-to-end viewStone River by Andy GoldsworthyMiddle reach of a long stone streamStone River by Andy GoldsworthyDry-stone masonry detailStone River by Andy Goldsworthy
Down in the valleyStone River by Andy GoldsworthyRepurposing rocksStone FlowerSteel tree at a tungsten mineHonoring a Former MineFake rockRoadside Shotcrete Sculpture
Geology and the Arts
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