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Geology and Civilization

Where geology meets the larger culture of everyday life.
  1. Geology and the Arts (49)
  2. Geology and Wine (6)
  3. Controversies (15)
  4. Against Creationism (19)
  5. Forensic Seismology (9)
  6. Stone Age Technology (8)
  7. Save Our Geoheritage (134)
  8. Travel for Geologists (38)

Geologic Sayings and Proverbs
Folk sayings about rocks, rivers and mountains.

Ideas for a Better Kind of Earth Day
What would you do to put more heart into Earth Day?

About Earth Science Week
Six months away from Earth Day is a whole week for Earth science: Earth Science Week.

Making the Global Seismic Hazard Map
The first map to show the entire world's seismic hazard consistently was a political challenge.

Earth Day? How About Earth Life?
Looking beyond Earth Day to the program humanity really needs.

Carbon Sequestration
Putting greenhouse gases into the ground is a promising technology.

Why You Should Vote for Geologists
The best person for the job may well be a geologist.

Geologic Gift Ideas
A few suggestions for something to get your favorite geologist.

A Better Kind of Earth Day
Why not give Earth Day some geo-cultural backbone?

Geology and Society Picture Gallery
A set of annotated pictures touching on the intersection of geology and ordinary life.

Geology Polls
A half-dozen short polls awaiting your votes.

The Seismic Test Ban System
A network of seismic ears is ready to enforce nuclear peace.

Getting Down to Earth Day
Earth Day should look forward in ignorance, not back in certainty.

The Gold Rushes
California's was not the first nor the last.

The Bre-X Gold Scandal
First there is a gold mountain, then there is no mountain.

Geology of the Delphic Oracle
How the oracle worked was not a secret: She sat in a small underground room, breathing vapors from the ground.

Toward Climateering
The answers we find about climate change today will govern not how we steer the clouds, but how we steer ourselves.

The Tin Men: Miners of Cornwall
Their Earth-centered connections and mining skills have made the Cornish the salt of the earth.

The Anthropocene Age
Humans have become a geologic agent comparable to erosion and eruptions.

Famous Stones
Plymouth Rock, the Blarney Stone, and other boulders that have hit the big time.

Preserving Geologic Heritage
Should we treat geological treasures like endangered species? A growing movement says yes.

Touring the Earth
A great thing about geology is that wherever you go, there the Earth is. Hundreds of vacations are possible for the geology enthusiast.

Going All the Way
The point of a geo-safari is to bring back not a trophy, but knowledge to use at home.

Earth Mysteries
Prehistoric, unscientific human nature peoples the world with mysteries, and so do modern humans.

Geological Emblems of Australia
The minerals, gemstones and fossils chosen as symbols by Australia and its states.

The Deep Present
Geology's deep-time approach delivers to us a "deep present."

Misconceptions About Geology and Geologists
What wrong ideas and weird notions about geoscience get in our way?

Is Geology Romantic? Sure It Is.
Geologists and nongeologists share the romance of nature.

Stories of Romance and Geology
Readers share their favorite romantic tales involving geology.

Geological Emblems of Canada
Official gemstones, rocks, minerals and fossils of Canada.

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