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Geology and the Arts

Where geology overlaps into literature, poetry, visual arts and music.
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  2. Geology Poetry (21)
  3. Geology Songs and Music (8)

Earth Art
The dalliances, courtships and occasional marriages between art and geology.

Great Stone Faces
Natural formations that resemble faces and more

Earth Art Gallery
A photo gallery of Earth art.

Glowing Edges Designs
Geologist Scott Engering presents wonderful images based on mineral thin sections for "a big splash of colour on the walls of modern bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants and other places of leisure."

Making the Geologic Now
A webified book offers "test sites for what might become thinkable and possible if humans were to take up the geologic as our instructive co-designer."

Millennia Mail Art Project
The San Francisco artist who calls himself "tofu" has launched a mail-art collaboration based on "cutaway, side view illustrations of the Earth," the pictorial stratigraphic sections that so intrigued him as a boy.

U-Haul SuperGraphics
The big pictures on the sides of U-Haul trucks have a large share of geological subjects.

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