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Oregon Geology

All sorts of content about Oregon geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Oregon Geological Attractions and Destinations
A selection of Oregon's geological highlights.

Share Oregon's Geology
Share your photos of Oregon geological attractions.

Geologic Map of Oregon
Plus a sketch of Oregon geology and links to larger versions.

Oregon Geology
The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries covers the ground in all respects, including the free online quarterly Oregon Geology.

Oregon Volcanoes
The Cascades Volcano Observatory concentrates on the volcanoes of Oregon and Washington.

Cascade Range and Columbia Plateau Picture Gallery
This volcanic province stretches into California and Washington too.

Cascades Road Guides and Field Trips
Many of these self-serve guides, listed by the Cascades Volcano Observatory, are in Oregon.

Crater Lake
Perhaps the world's finest caldera, Crater Lake is on every geologist's life list.

Eastern Oregon Online Tour
A 1999 field trip by a Portland Community College class produced this gorgeous, well-annotated site.

Eugene: Skinner Butte
A former quarry near downtown Eugene exposes excellent basalt columns closeup here).

Eugene: University of Oregon Geology Displays
Look for these exhibits in Cascade Hall on the UO campus.

Fort Rock National Natural Landmark
This tuff ring near Newberry Caldera is one of the most impressive sights in Oregon.

Geological Society of the Oregon Country
This Portland-based group is open to all. "Oregon country" extends to Canada and the Continental Divide.

Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
Deeper than the Grand Canyon, the gorge of the Snake River is the heart of a large piece of wild land shared with Idaho.

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument
Eocene through Miocene terrestrial fossils are exposed here like no other place.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument
A great outdoor classroom for contemporary volcanism in central Oregon.

Oregon Caves National Monument
Not just a cavern, but an ophiolite are preserved in this century-old park in the Siskiyou Mountains.

Oregon Coastal Atlas
Learn about the geologic features found up and down this great coast.

Oregon Dunes
Geology of the dunes is covered in the Siuslaw National Forest site.

The Oregon Outback
The Oregon Outback may be the prettiest part of the Basin and Range.

Oregon Outback Wallpaper Images
A set of wallpaper photos from a perfect spring day in south-central Oregon.

Rogue River-Siskiyou Geologic Points of Interest
A special site produced by the Forest Service and the Geological Society of America.

Steens Mountain
A gigantic fault block in eastern Oregon is composed of the oldest of the Columbia Basalts. The GORP site has the best introduction to this enticing destination.

Table Rock
A textbook tuff cone beside state route 31 in the Oregon Outback.

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway
A backroads network in the lava lands of southern Oregon stretches from Crater Lake south into adjacent California.

Oregon Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

Oregon Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Oregon
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

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