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Kansas Geology

All sorts of content about Kansas geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Geologic Map of Kansas
Plus a sketch of the state's geology and a link to a larger version.

Share Kansas' Geology
Share your photos of Kansas' geological attractions.

Geologic County Maps
The Kansas Geological Survey displays detailed maps for all of the state.

An enormously valuable set of pages, photos and guidebooks for all of Kansas from the state geological survey.

Kansas Fossils
The large and venerable Oceans of Kansas site covers everything fossiliferous in Kansas, with a worldwide awareness.

Kansas Geology Primer
"From Sea to Prairie" is an online introduction to Kansas geology by Catherine Evans.

Kansas Quarries
A thorough resource from Peggy Perazzo's "Stone Quarries and Beyond" site.

Kansas Scenic Byways
Several of these beautiful drives feature geologic highlights.

The Flint Hills
The rocks, landforms and groundwater of east-central Kansas are introduced by James Aber of Emporia University.

Fossil Hunting near Scott City
The Keystone Gallery escorts small parties on daylong fossil-hunting trips.

Johnston Geology Museum
Visit it on the Emporia University campus or take a virtual tour here.

Kansas City Bedrock Geology
James Aber prepared a survey of the rocks and landforms of Kansas City.

Kansas City Glacial Geology
A companion to the bedrock article, also by James Aber.

Lead and Zinc Mining in Kansas
This online brochure ends with some sites to visit in southeastern Kansas.

Minneapolis, Kansas, Giant Concretions
Rock City is a display of large round boulders of Dakota Sandstone, a National Natural Landmark.

Sternberg Museum
If you're in Hays, come see the museum's fossil collection.

Kansas Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

Kansas Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Kansas
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

Smoky Hills Limestone/Chalk District
Badlands, standing stones and giant concretions are part of western Kansas' geologic attractions listed on Kansastravel.org.

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