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Colorado Geology

All sorts of content about Colorado geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Colorado Geological Attractions and Destinations
A sampler of the geological highlights of Colorado.

Geologic Map of Colorado
Plus a sketch of the state's geology and links to a huge classic map from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Share Colorado's Geology
Share your photos of Colorado's geological attractions.

Colorado Geological Survey
The "Colorado Geology" section of this state site has a wide assortment of facts, factoids, maps and photos.

Touring Colorado Geology
A wide and deep site by high-school geology teacher John Ghist, with maps, tours, galleries and much more. No longer at geocities.com.

Colorado Geology Photojournals
Jeremy McCreary is a physician by day and a passionate amateur of geology and photography the rest of the time. His site is enthusiastic, beautiful and unrestrained.

Colorado Quarries
A deep page of mines and stone sources from Peggy Perazzo's Quarries and Beyond site.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
One of America's most remote and spectacular places is in central Colorado.

Treasure Tales of Colorado
Thegeozone.com presents detailed information on lost mines and lodes from Colorado.

Boulder: Geology of the Boulder Area
The city has a great section on this subject.

Boulder: Geology West of NCAR
The National Center for Atmospheric Research is in a spectacular geologic setting for this 4-km hike.

Denver: Ancient Denvers
The Denver Museum of Nature & Science commissioned a series of large murals illustrating Denver at 13 different times in geologic history—and where to see the corresponding rocks.

Denver: Dinosaur Ridge
One of the world's greatest dinosaur fossil sites and a National Natural Landmark, Dinosaur Ridge is west of Denver and always open for visits.

Denver: Fossils of Triceratops Trail
Dinosaur tracks and other fine fossils are preserved in a National Natural Area.

Denver: Jefferson County Open Spaces
Trail-side geology of several localities near Lakewood.

Colorado National Monument
The plateau lands north of Grand Junction are preserved in this remote park.

Denver: The Rocks of Red Rocks, Colorado
Pictures of the distinctive Fountain Formation of the Colorado Front Range exposed at Red Rocks Park.

Dinosaur National Monument
Straddling the Utah line is this world-class attraction.

Durango: Four Corners Geological Society
This organization meets bimonthly, except summer, in Durango.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
One of the world's foremost fossil sites is in the Rockies west of Colorado Springs.

Front Range Geology for Citizens
An article in GSA Today reports on rocks and fossils retrieved from construction projects and drilling.

Glenwood Springs Geology
Geological highlights of the Glenwood Springs area, between Grand Junction and Aspen.

Golden: Geology of the Golden Area
Geologic highlights of the Golden area, west of Denver.

Great Sand Dunes National Park
The tallest dunes in North America are here near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

La Junta: Purgatoire River Dinosaur Trackway
Field guide for "Dash with the Dinosaurs," a cross-country bicycle trip to a remote dinosaur site on the Purgatoire River in the High Plains of southeastern Colorado. (PDF)

Rocky Mountain National Park
A long page of notes from the National Park Service.

Sangre de Cristo Range
A detailed road log from a hard-core field trip over the range from Westcliffe to Crestone in southe-central Colorado.

Trinidad: South-Central Colorado Geology
James Aber of Emporia University put this up for his students, but you can see it too.

Trinidad: Spanish Peaks Igneous Petrology
Even if you don't follow petrology, the photos on Brian Penn's site will draw you to this area near Trinidad.

Colorado Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

Colorado Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

Colorado Scenic Roads
About.com's Darren Smith shows you the best ways to get around.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Colorado
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

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