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Sag Pond Near Carrizo Plain, March


On Cerro Noroeste Road near its end at state route 33 is this view north of a sag pond along the San Andreas fault. The haze is from the Central Valley.
Sag Pond Near Carrizo Plain, March
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San Francisco Daily California Chronicle, January 10, 1857:

"A shock of an earthquake was felt in this city yesterday morning about eight o'clock. It seemed to commence on a range with Clay Street, and spread towards Rincon point, and was felt in Sacramento. Singularly enough, none of the vessels in the bay north of the line of Clay Street shook in the least, while on vessels south of the line the shock was quite severe. Clocks were stopped, tin pans and articles of crockery upset, frame buildings trembled, and brick houses were considered dangerous. A great many people were frightened, but no one was hurt. 'Gabriel' did not come this time, although there was a general 'rattling of the dry bones,' and people ran out of their rooms without stopping to attire themselves in full dress. No buildings were cracked or injured that we have heard of."

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