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Aerial View Pine Canyon to Old Ridge Route


View northeast; three streamcuts through the northern ridge are (l-r) Tentrock Canyon, Spring Canyon and Pine Canyon. (Next 8 photos)
Aerial View Pine Canyon to Old Ridge Route
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Los Angeles Star, January 10, 1857:

"Yesterday morning, about half-past eight o'clock, a very severe shock of an earthquake was felt here, the vibrations continuing for fully two minutes. The motion was from North to South. During the day as many as four or five shocks were experienced, but all less intense than the first. Several houses were slightly cracked by the first shock, but no material damage was sustained. Doors were slammed to and fro, water was turned out of bowls and pitchers, and in the river the water rushed violently to one bank and then back again, the motion being repeated several times. In some places the earth is represented as having undulated as a field of wheat moved by the wind. It caused a general turn out, some rushing from their beds without stopping to dress. An infinite variety of incidents are related of the effects of the shock, some amusing, others astonishing—but all such as are likely to take place when people are tolerably well frightened."

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