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The Hayward Fault in Hayward


The Hayward fault extends some 80 kilometers along the hills across the bay from San Francisco. It isn't as big as the San Andreas fault, but it is still capable of a damaging earthquake of about magnitude 7. It last ruptured on 21 October 1868, an occasion that was known as the "great San Francisco earthquake" until the much larger event of 18 April 1906. Soon afterward it became clear that the Hayward fault moves even without earthquakes, a phenomenon called aseismic creep. Some textbook examples of creep and fault-related landforms occur in the city of Hayward, at the center of the fault, and they are easily seen within walking distance of the Bay area's light-rail line, BART. For more reading see the following links:

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Legal under the A-Q lawCurb Offset DowntownA famous spotOffset Curb at Rose and ProspectStaggered offset cracksEchelon Cracks on Rose StreetTelltale tulesFault Trace Near Holy Sepulchre
Creep deflectionSprings at Holy SepulchreBuilding-free zoneFault Trace at O'Connell Lane
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