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California Geology

All sorts of content about California geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Geologic Destinations for California Tourists
If you're going to California, be sure to put some of these geologic attractions on your must-see list.

Share California's Geology
Share your photos of California geological attractions.

Geologic Map of California
Even this simplified map of the state's rocks is complicated.

Aeromagnetic Map of California
A high-level view of aeromagnetic features from the U.S. Geological Survey.

California Peaks
Because geology is beautiful.

Serpentinite, the State Rock
This blue-green stone occurs all over the state.

San Andreas Fault Home Page
All about the San Andreas fault, including maps, books, photo tours and seismic information.

California Geotour
A very handy link list for virtual tours of geologic highlights all over the state, courtesy of the California Geological Survey (CGS).

Treasure Tales of California
Thegeozone.com presents detailed information on lost mines and lodes from California.

California Coast Geology
A survey of California's coastal geologic attractions, from north to south.

California Subduction Rocks
A photographic field trip to classic subduction-related rocks across northern California.

Active Faults of California
The California Geological Survey released this interactive map of active and young faults in 2010.

Algodones Dunes
Pictures of California's largest dunefield, east of the Salton Sea.

Cascade Range Picture Gallery
This volcanic province stretches into Oregon and Washington too.

Central Coast Range
A day trip from King City to Panoche highlights a hidden part of the state.

Columbia's Karrenfeld
In the western Sierra Nevada is a curious landscape that once yielded colossal amounts of gold.

Desert Geology of California
A select gallery of photos from the Mojave Desert and surrounding region.

Geology of the Golden Gate
A thorough guide from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Geology of California's Great Central Valley
This remarkable geologic feature makes California unique in the world.

Hayward Fault Home Page
The Hayward fault in the San Francisco Bay area is America's most expensive earthquake threat.

Hayward Fault Gallery
Signs and symptoms of movement along the nation's most threatening fault.

Joshua Tree National Park
Landforms, rocks and life of this classic part of the western desert.

Kelso Dunes, Mojave Desert, California
The Kelso Dunes and adjoining Devil's Playground are the largest dune field in the Mojave Desert.

Laguna Beach Geology
Laguna Beach is a showcase of Southern California rocks, tectonics and coastal dynamics.

Mammoth Rocks, Sonoma County
This site apparently preserves signs of ice age mammals in its polished rock surfaces.

Point Lobos and Point Reyes
Rocks at these two places, now 180 km apart, were once one body. Their separation serves to measure motion on the San Andreas fault system.

Los Angeles: Liquefaction/Landslide Risk Maps
The California Geological Survey serves maps for cities from Ventura to Lancaster to San Clemente.

Hayward Fault Tour
The story of a day on the line spent with a group of seismo-specialists.

Oakland Geology
Some of the surprising variety found in my home town.

Putah and Cache
This online book on the Coast Range west of Sacramento has excellent geology sections by Eldredge Moores.

Red Rock Canyon State Park, California
This iconic locality has starred in many movies, Western and otherwise.

Salton Sea Seep Field
Photos of wild geothermal activity in southern California.

San Francisco Bay Area
Geological photo tour of the San Francisco Bay area.

The Hayward Fault in Hayward
The Hayward fault's type locality is in the East Bay city of Hayward.

The Hayward Fault at Point Pinole
Point Pinole displays the north end of the Hayward fault in a public park.

San Francisco Geology
A photo tour of San Francisco's geologic attractions.

San Francisco vs. Manhattan
Comparing and contrasting San Francisco and New York.

San Joaquin Valley Fossils of the Fairmead Landfill Site
A major collection of Irvingtonian fossils near Fresno.

Shell Beach, Sonoma County
Shell Beach, north of San Francisco, is a remarkable showplace of the subduction-related rocks of the Franciscan Complex.

Stinson Beach Geology
Pictures of this interesting beach and town near San Francisco.

Sutter Buttes Geology
Pictures, maps and notes from the Sutter Buttes of central California, "the world's smallest mountain range."

Trona: Tufa Towers of Trona Pinnacles
America's largest collection of tufa towers is in the Mojave Desert near the town of Trona.

Western Transverse Ranges
The rugged mountains north of Santa Barbara are pierced by state route 33, between Ojai and Cuyama.

Wine Country Geology
A group of geologists explores the mystery of terroir in the field.

Santa Clarita: The St. Francis Dam Break of 1928
Not a week after it was finished, this dam failed killing more than 450 people. A short article on the site's deadly geology, with many photos, by Garry Hayes.

Yosemite Valley Roadside Geology
Garry Hayes of Modesto Junior College made this deeply detailed tour with nice big photos.

California Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

California Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

The Southern San Andreas Fault
Pictures from the San Andreas fault between Cajon Pass and the Salton Sea.

1857 Earthquake Segment of the San Andreas Fault
Photos and notes from the central San Andreas fault, which ruptured in the great 1857 California earthquake.

Creeping Segment of the San Andreas Fault
Photos and notes from the fault section between San Juan Bautista and Parkfield.

San Andreas Fault at Parkfield
Photos and notes from this distinctive part of the San Andreas fault.

The Northern San Andreas Fault
The San Andreas fault from its northern end down to San Juan Bautista, all of which ruptured in 1906.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of California
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

California Quarries
The deepest resource in the universe on the California stone industry.

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