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Arkansas Geology

All sorts of content about Arkansas geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Geologic Map of Arkansas
Plus a sketch of the state's geology and links to larger versions.

Share Arkansas Geology
Share your photos of Arkansas' geological attractions.

Caves of Arkansas
The Arkansas Geological Commission provides this list of eight commercial caves.

Field Trip Guidebooks
The Arkansas Geological Survey offers inexpensive guidebooks of lasting value.

Fossil Collecting in Arkansas
John David McFarland offers help and advises you to keep your sense of wonder as you keep good notes.

Arkansas Quarries
A thorough resource from Peggy Perazzo's "Stone Quarries and Beyond" site.

Blanchard Springs Caverns
This high-quality show cave run by the Forest Service is described in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas.

Buffalo River Floating Field Trip
The Arkansas Geological Commission offers a geologic guide to this 10-mile trip on the Buffalo River in the Ozarks.

Crater of Diamonds State Park
The public can dig for and keep diamonds at this remarkable site.

Hot Springs National Park
A fat PDF of background for teachers called "Follow the Water" from the National Park Service, which operates the baths of Hot Springs National Park.

Ouachita National Forest Geology
This park includes crystal hunting as well as the usual geologizing.

Rockhounding Arkansas
Well known as a standout introduction to rockhounding, "Rockhounding Arkansas" also happens to be a fine guide to Arkansas rockhounding.

Russellville Field Trip
This well-annotated road log is from Arkansas Tech University, in the Ozarks.

Salt-Making in Arkansas
An entry in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas recounts the importance of salt in the state's early history. Similar stories can be told in most places.

The Sunken Lands
Parts of northeastern Arkansas subsided more than 10 meters during the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes, and the troubles for the land's owners continued for many decades afterward.

Arkansas Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

Arkansas Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Arkansas
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

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