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A Research Cruise in Alaska, 1982


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Our Ship
Our ship

The S. P. Lee in 1982

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During my time in the U.S. Geological Survey, I was lucky enough to participate in several research cruises in the waters off southern and southeastern Alaska. The last of these was in September and October of 1982. This is a photo gallery that includes excerpts from my letters home during that voyage.

Let me start by saluting the memory of the Research Vessel S. P. Lee, the 60-meter vessel that carried us over the waves that year. The Lee had a distinguished record, first for the U.S. Navy and then for the Survey. Budget cuts finally got the better of the Survey's blue-water research fleet, though, and in 1992 the Lee was transferred to Mexico. If anyone has more recent information, please write.

That year the Lee was painted an unfortunate yellow that showed stains. When I sailed her in 1977 she was black. If you go to the Lee's home page, you'll find several other photos from when she looked more stylish.

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