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Alaska Geology

All sorts of content about Alaska geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history.

Geologic Map of Alaska
Plus a sketch of Alaska's geology.

Share Alaska's Geology
Share your photos of Alaska's geological attractions.

Alaska Museum of Natural History
You can imagine the rocks, minerals and fossils this Anchorage museum has.

Aleutian Islands Research Cruise
Photos and diary entries from my 1982 visit to the Aleutians with the USGS.

The Brooks Range
A thorough treatment of the continent's northernmost mountains by Andrew McCarthy.

Chugach Gem and Mineral Society
This group meets monthly in Anchorage and conducts several field trips too.

Denali National Park Geology
A short introduction by the National Park Service.

Gates of the Arctic National Park Geology
Fossils, geologic formations and glacial features abound in this Brooks Range park.

Glacier Bay National Park Geology
A short introduction by the National Park Service.

Glacier Bay Photo Gallery
Angela Brown, About.com's Guide to Northwestern U.S. for Visitors, took a day cruise around Glacier Bay.

Gulf of Alaska Research Cruise
Photos and notes from my experience serving on a cruise in the Gulf of Alaska and Glacier Bay.

Gulf of Alaska Wallpaper Images
A set of six photos, suitable for 800x600 or 1024x768 desktops.

Quarries of Alaska
A page from Peggy Perazzo's "Stone Quarries and Beyond" site.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park Geology
The National Park Service has a wealth of information on this immense preserve.

Yakutat and Alsek Bay
Photos and reminiscences from my research field trip in southeastern Alaska.

Alaska Campgrounds
About.com's David Sweet guides you to the best outdoor places to stay.

Alaska Maps
About.com's Matt Rosenberg helps get you oriented.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Alaska
About.com's Bob Strauss shows them and tells you more.

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