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Geoconservation: preserving geological features of scientific, cultural and aesthetic value.
  1. World Heritage Sites: Geol (113)

Preserving Geologic Heritage
Should we treat geological treasures like endangered species? A growing movement says yes.

Toward a National Geologic Trail
America's biggest flood may become its biggest virtual park.

The Stone Wall Initiative
Headquartered in Connecticut, the initiative is a coalition of stone wall students and fanciers across New England.

Geological Features of Connecticut in Need of Preservation
Greg McHone has compiled lists of worthy unprotected sites and treasures that have been saved in Connecticut.

Pennsylvania Heritage Geology Sites
The state has listed a hundred localities as Heritage Geology Sites. See them on the state geological survey site.

Kanawinka Geopark, Australia
Australia's first geopark shows off its unusual volcanic region.

European Geoconservation
An excellent introduction to European Geoparks by staff writer Lisa Pinsky from the June 2003 Geotimes.

European Geoparks Network
A busy guide to the sprinkling of geoparks around Europe. (Not friendly outside MSIE)

The European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage has been building a movement for 15 years. Here are links to individual European countries' ProGeo groups.

The British Framework for Geoconservation
Geotimes published this survey article by Peter Doyle in June 2003.

Earth Heritage in the UK
The Joint Nature Conservation Committee hosts this home page.

The Association of UK RIGS (Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Sites) connects you to the whole thriving geoconservation network in the United Kingdom.

Cornwall RIGS Group
This division of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust labors to find and protect important geological sites in this important geologic region. The links list is great.

North East Yorkshire Geology Trust
The trust is an energetic, grant-supported organization looking out for its corner of geologic England.

Geological Heritage Australia
Bernie Joyce of the University of Melbourne summarizes geoheritage work on the continent.

Geoconservation in Tasmania
A summary page from Tasmania's Parks & Wildlife.

Geology for the Record
Geotimes published this introduction to the University of Utah geoconservation campaign in June 2003.

Friends of Canadian Geoheritage
Allan Donaldson of Carleton University spearheads this young organization; membership is free and open to all.

The Mountain Forum
A global network for mountain communities, environments, and sustainable development. Mountains aren't the only geologic landmarks worth protecting, but they're the largest and most visible. The online library here is an endless mine of information.

Mountain Research Initiative
"A multidisciplinary scientific organization that addresses global change issues in mountain regions around the world."

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