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Geological Road Signs


Among the thousands of signs we see in our travels, a few call our attention to geological subjects. Many geologists wish that there were more road signs pointing out sites of geologic interest; until that happens, we can appreciate the ones we have now. Please submit your own photos to help this gallery grow.
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Pointing out the obviousRocks, Columbia River Gorge, WashingtonYou can't miss it'Geologia' Sign, Atacama Desert, ChileFor people bored with overlooksUnderlooks Sign, WisconsinCaution, do not stop on faultPlate Crossing Sign, Parkfield, California
A sense of when you areStratigraphic Sign, WyomingApparently it chews tiresGranite Curb Sign, Cazenovia, New YorkThis asphalt's not for drivingTar Seep Sign, McKittrick, CaliforniaAt the bottom of the sea of airDrifting Sand Sign, Mojave Desert, California
For those who can't tellRock Fall Sign, ColoradoNext, we need "deposition" signsDanger Erosion Sign, ScotlandLet this be a warningLoose Rocks SignSaving lives through signageUnstable Cliffs Sign, La Jolla, California

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