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Travel for Geologists

Geologic destinations for the geology-minded traveler.
  1. Geological Safaris (18)

Geological Day Trips for a Layover
Places to go when you're stuck somewhere and want to enjoy its geology.See submissions

Geologic Travel - Your Stories
Memorable stories of travel with geological destinations.

Geotourism - Touring the Earth
Get down to earth around the world through geologic tourism.

Geological Signs
A few road signs call our attention to geological subjects.

My Favorite Geological Road Signs
Geological road signs from around the world.See submissions

Toward a National Geologic Trail
America's biggest flood may become its biggest virtual park.

An Earthcache is an educational virtual geocache or physical site that people can visit to view a unique geoscience feature on-the-ground.

Going All the Way
The point of a geo-safari (see the list) is to bring back not a trophy, but knowledge to use at home.

International Fossil Parks
The Paleoartisans site lists parks outside the United States related to paleontology.

Geologic Destinations for California Tourists
If you're going to California, be sure to put some of these geologic attractions on your must-see list.

Global Geotourism Blog
Bahram Sadry is deeply involved in geotourism and makes occasional posts about the subject on this dedicated blog.

Geotimes "Travels in Geology"
This special online section of Geotimes reviews geologically significant places to visit.

The Rocks of Gibraltar
Photos of the rocks of Gibraltar.

Jersey: Ice Age Island
Visit this island in the English Channel for its Pleistocene history as well as its Medieval one.

Russian Mineralogy
Maurice Strahlen has embarked on a labor of love to publicize the mines and minerals of the Russian nation.

Scottish Geology
A deep and friendly resource on what may be the world's most geological country.

United States Parks Featuring Fossils
The Paleoartisans site lists national, state and local parks centered around fossils.

Trazzler: 500-plus Geological Anomalies
Trazzler.com, the offbeat travel site, has a large category of trips oriented around geologic features.

Geo Tourism in Oman
The Geological Society of Oman site has suggestions for visiting geology lovers.

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