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Fossils are signs and remains of ancient living things preserved in the Earth's crust. Here are pictures of some major fossil types that are either common in sedimentary rocks, scientifically important, or widely available in rock shops.

More background:
What are fossils?
Lagerstätten, the world's best fossil localities
Official state fossils of the United States
How fossils support evolution

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Ammonoids ruled the seas for 300 million yearsAmmonoidsThe classic shellfish dates from Cambrian timesBivalvesThey look like bivalves but are quite differentBrachiopodsA miniature seafloor community of Paleocene ageCold Seep
The most common false fossilsConcretionsThe typical coral of todayCoral (Colonial)Coral loners of the PaleozoicCoral (Solitary or Rugose)Sea lilies in their heydayCrinoids
Polished as a cool red trabecular gemstoneDinosaur BoneChinese specimens in a high-end rock shopDinosaur EggsA big old mammoth turdDung FossilsRock-shop commonplacesFish
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