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Fossils, Geologic Time and Evolution

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Living Fossil Plants
Three living fossils from the plant kingdom.

What Are Fossils?
Fossils are precious gifts from the geologic past.

The About Geology Fossil Gallery
A select set of fossil pictures from your Guide.

Official State Fossils and Dinosaurs
Of the 50 states, 38 have official state fossils or state dinosaurs (or both).

Looking Back Through Lagerstatten
The world's most spectacular fossil sites preserve microbes and other fantastic details of prehistoric life.

The Geologic Time Scale
Start here with the eons and eras, then work your way down to the periods and epochs. More detailed time scales are in the "Geologic Time and Dating" list.

Mapping Deep Time: About Geologic Time Periods
How, and why, we keep track of geologic time without using clocks or numbers.

Measuring Deep Time: About Isotopic Dating
Explaining the isotopic dating method in terms of your backyard barbecue.

A Brief History of the Precambrian
Four billion years condensed into two pages.

Geo-Quiz 6: Fossils
Can you ace this millionaire-type quiz? Maybe the high stakes would leave you . . . petrified.

Fossils at an Exhibition
Museums are shaking off their patina of dust and coming alive on the Web--even the fossils.

What Is Petrification?
It's a special kind of fossilization.

Ancient Remains
The actual bodies of dead (and living) things can last nearly forever.

How Are Fossils Formed?
Doug Mann of fossil-facts-and-finds.com gives a kid-friendly explanation of this perennial question.

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