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Woody land plants have existed since the Devonian Period, nearly 400 million years ago. Wood fossils are interesting and beautiful, their familiar grain and annual growth layers bringing the deep past to life in a way that the grotesque skeletons of extinct animals do not.
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Looks ready to burnPetrified Wood, Sonoma County, CaliforniaTeredo-riddledPetrified Wood, Panoche Hills, CaliforniaSign of a whole geographyPetrified Wood, Panoche HillsFrom an Eocene forestPetrified Wood from Northern Wyoming
Showing its shiny sideWyoming Petrified WoodQuite a showCloseup of Wyoming Fossil WoodDrumheller lumberCretaceous Wood, Drumheller, AlbertaFirst forestsPetrified Tree Trunks, Gilboa, New York
A tree transformedAgatized Log The whole thingFossil Tree Trunk in MontanaGreenish logsFossil Tree Trunk, ZimbabweA fossil lumberyardPetrified Wood Factory in Indonesia
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