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Stromatolites are fossil structures that are built up as thin layers of mud repeatedly cover bacterial colonies in undisturbed localities. Today they are extremely rare because other life forms disrupt and consume them, but in other times in geologic history they had no competitors. The first six photos are from the classic Lester Park locality near Saratoga Springs, New York, where stromatolites were first described. Learn more about stromatolites in the Fossil Gallery.

Nearby attractions include Saratoga National Historical Park, Saratoga Springs spas, the Saratoga Racetrack and National Museum of Racing.

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Stromatolite fieldField of StromatolitesCross sectionsStromatolites in Cross SectionTypical stromatolitesStromatolites Close UpThree-dimensional structureStromatolite Detail
Cross-section detailStromatolite Vertical SectionStromatolite close-upEroded Stromatolite SurfacePermian stromatolitePermian Stromatolite, Czech RepublicDesert flowersStromatolite, Mauritania
A beautiful boulderStromatolite from Central WisconsinLooks like petrified lasagnaStromatolite, Itasca County, MinnesotaArchean stromatoliteArchean Stromatolite, Canada
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