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Everything about earthquakes.
  1. Prepare for Earthquakes (21)
  2. Earthquake Magnitudes (12)
  3. Earthquakes in Your Region (9)
  4. Earthquake Prediction (16)
  5. Seismology (31)
  6. Liquefaction (19)
  7. Historic Earthquakes (47)

Current Earthquakes
Directions to information and data from earthquakes as fast as possible.

Earthquakes in a Nutshell
Start here for the seismic basics.

Focal Mechanism Diagrams in a Nutshell
What those "beachball" diagrams mean.

Geo-Quiz 26: Earthquakes
You say you wanted an earthquake quiz? Well, get ready to rumble!

Geo-Quiz 8: Seismology
Here's a million-dollar earthquake quiz for you . . . but maybe you're a little SHAKY on the subject.

Earthquake Lights
A new theory of earthquake lights looks promising.

Studying Fault Zones with Trenches
Examples and methods of paleoseismic trenching studies of earthquake faults.

Drilling into Faults
Geologists are getting near the places where earthquakes actually happen.

Global Seismic Hazard Map Index
Maps of all the earthquake-prone countries of the world.

Earthquake Engineering
Dedicated professionals are out there learning lessons from earthquakes about safer buildings.

Earthquake Engineering Photo Gallery
Pictures of structures and equipment related to earthquake engineering.

Earthquake Warnings Before Shaking Starts
Early-warning systems for people in earthquake zones are growing closer to real time.

Aftershocks Are Not Afterthoughts
The "ghosts of earthquakes past" are unsung villains of earthquake hazard.

Political Aftershocks
The 1994 Northridge earthquake took down with it the state's insurance commissioner--six years later.

Do Bombs Cause Earthquakes?
It depends on what the meaning of "cause" is.

Deep Earthquakes
Deep-focus earthquakes aren't supposed to happen, but they do.

How Earthquakes Disturb Streams and Groundwater
Earthquakes can affect water even more than they do land.

Liquefaction: Giving Ground
Liquefaction, a devastating effect of earthquakes, is only now being widely assessed.

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