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The Deep Earth and Other Planets

The deep structure of planet Earth and the geology of its sister planets.
  1. The Earth's Mantle (13)
  2. The Earth's Core (7)
  3. Geology of Other Planets (63)
  4. Space Geoscience (15)

About the Mantle
Introducing the thick rock shell between the crust and core that makes up the bulk of the Earth. For more, see the Earth's Mantle category.

About the Earth's Core
An introduction to the composition and structure of the core.

Powering the Planet
A hundred years ago the secret of Earth's eternal youth was discovered: radioactive heating.

What Is a Planet?
Should geologists care what kind of planet Pluto is?

Planetology, the New Earth Science
Planets have gone from gods, to worlds, to mere examples of a species.

Meteorites: Pieces of Other Planets
Rocks from the Moon, Mars and Venus are (or might be) found on Earth too.

Geo-Quiz Number 21: Other Planets
Who wants to be a geo-whiz? The trivia game--subject: OTHER PLANETS.

Geo-Quiz 18: Space
It's an open-book quiz on geological topics in the atmosphere and outer space--but you must put your rock hammer DOWN!

Clues from Solar Studies
Studying the Sun tells a lot about the Earth.

High-Precision Gravimetry
How we study Earth motions and changes with fantastically accurate gravity meters.

Rhenium-Osmium Studies
Two rare metals yield deep geologic clues.

Earth Rotation Studies
Why every day is a little different by a few milliseconds—part of the "Earth Science in Space" series.

Inside the Earth
The layers of the planet shown and labeled, suitable for homework, from the U.S. Geological Survey.

World Stress Maps
Maps for each continent from the University of Karlsrühe, Germany.

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