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Cave science and a few big sites for sport cavers.

Two Ways to Look at Caves
A brief look at caves from a former caver and current armchair scientist.

Karrenfeld of Columbia, California
A large karstland is preserved in the California gold country.

Exploring the Cosmos from Underground
Deep places around the world are the favored sites for research projects seeking the still small voice of WIMPs and neutrinos.

Geo-Quiz Number 24: CAVES
Who wants to be a geo-whiz? The trivia game: CAVES

"Acid House"
New Scientist wrote about the amazing and disgusting sulfur cave, Cueva de Villa Luz, in southern Mexico.

British Cave Research Association
This research-oriented organization publishes the Speleo-Abstracts bibliography and is working on a searchable science index.

Cave Radio and Electronics Group
This Special Interest Group is part of the British Cave Research Association. It explores subterranean communications, surveying, computing underground, and other unexpected topics.

The Caver's Multi-Lingual Dictionary
It's pretty specialized, but if you ever need to know the German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, or Romanian equivalent of a term, this is the only place to go.

Caves and Caving in the UK
Andrew Brooks maintains this thorough site about localities and techniques in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Caving Canada Cave Sciences
The Caving Canada site has resources on cave life, bats, karst studies, fossils and lots more.

Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms
The Australian Speleological Association publishes this list of some 750 terms, ranging from "cave" to "stygoxene," maintained by Max Meth.

Great Archaeological Sites of France
This English-language site by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication includes explorations of the painted caves Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc and Lascaux.

Karst Lands of Illinois—Dissolving Bedrock, Collapsing Soil
A "geobit" online pamphlet (PDF) from the Illinois State Geological Survey.

National Park Service Cave and Karst Program
The U.S. park service provides laws and regulations on this site, as well as a fine tour of cave and karst-related parks.

National Speleological Society
The NSS is the foremost caving organization in the United States. This site has photos, lists of local chapters, and a wide range of other resources.

Salt Caves of the Zagros, Iran
This PDF paper (600 KB) from the Slovenian journal Acta Carsologica has remarkable maps and photos from the salt karst of southern Iran, explored by a group of Czech cave maniacs.

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