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Canadian Geologic Maps

Geologic maps for Canada and its provinces.

Alberta: Bedrock
A 1998 map from the Alberta Geological Survey presented here at three different scales.

Alberta: Precambrian Tectonic Features
Deep, ancient rocks older than half a billion years, from the Alberta Geological Survey.

Alberta: Phanerozoic Tectonic Features
Structures—including two impacts—formed in the last half-billion years, from the Alberta Geological Survey.

Canada: Surficial Materials
Ice, peat, till, bedrock, or whatever, this Canadian government map shows it for the whole country.

Manitoba: Precambrian Basement
This Manitoba Geological Survey maps shows Precambrian rocks, with rocks younger than 550 million years lumped under "Phanerozoic."

Manitoba: Greenstone Belts
A map by Manitoba Industry Trade and Mines depicts the province's rich metal-bearing rocks, plus major mines.

Ontario: Bedrock
The provincial geologic agency provides this map, which also includes mineral deposits of Ontario.

Yukon: Tectonic Features
A general picture of this large region, courtesy of the Yukon Geological Survey.

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