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Geology Blogs

Blogs focusing on geologic subjects that are worth reading. They're in alphabetical order, so check out the whole list.

Agile Geoscience
Canadian consultants Matt Hall and Evan Bianco create useful apps for geophysicist types; they also blog.

All of My Faults Are Stress Related
Kim Hannula teaches geology in the Rockies. She's taking a break from blogging, but her teaching-related posts are well worth browsing.

Ancient Shore
Pro paleontologist Graham Young ponders fossils, the worlds they lived in, and the process of pondering them.

Arizona Geology
Lee Allison, Arizona's state geologist, is a high-quality source of current developments.

Bob Park: What's New
Park wrote about physics and common sense with cutting wit for many years on behalf of the American Physical Society. Now that he's retired, "What's New" appears each Friday on his personal site.

Clastic Detritus
Brian Romans, a sedimentary geologist at Virginia Tech, covers his field and other random topics. Gorgeous photos are just one of his strengths.

Climate Debate Daily
Two philosophers try to keep up with the public debate in an unobtrusive way. Here's where to follow the state of the zeitgeist.

Collectively Unconscious
The Onion for scientists.

Dinochick Blogs
Rebecca Hunt covers paleo topics and a broad penumbra.

This section of Blackwell Scientific Publishers hosts erudite commentary on geo-research news by Steve Drury of The Open University.

Erik Klemetti, a genuine volcanologist, produces this blog with commentary and hype-puncturing about all things volcanic for Wired Science.

Fossils and Other Living Things
Tony Edger is a passionate amateur in paleontology who takes the time to think and beautifully express original thoughts.

Geologic blog posts aggregated courtesy of the folks at stratigraphy.net.

Geologic Froth
Kyle House focuses intently and engagingly on GIS and GPS for working geologists.

Geology in Art
Italian researcher Andrea Baucon presents his insights and interviews centered on the intersection of geology and art.

Geology in Motion
Eminent geophysicist Susan Kieffer blogs on topics related to moving fluids on Earth and elsewhere.

Geology on LiveJournal
The huge LiveJournal community has several geology-related groups, this being the biggest.

A small group's blog about communicating better in scientific meetings.

Garry Hayes teaches geology at Modesto Junior College and loves his work.

Google Earth Blog
Frank Taylor is not affiliated with Google, but he worships Google Earth and the remarkable things being done with it.

Highly Allochthonous
Chris Rowan and Anne Jefferson's must-read blog centers around hard rocks but has a wide, erudite range.

James' Empty Blog
James Annan is a climate scientist living in Japan.

Kilauea Volcano Update
A daily-or-nearly-so report with photos from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, where the Pu'u O'o eruption has been going on for 20 years.

Knight Science Journalism Tracker
Veteran Charlie Petit has a great time totting up the science news and the people who write it. A news-biz insider's dream.

Land of the Dead
Dan Chure, longtime paleontologist at Dinosaur National Monument, follows his nose around the fossil world.

Looking for Detachment
Exploration geologist Sandra Powers practices in, and celebrates, Nevada.

Lounge of the Lab Lemming
Charles Magee is a mineral explorationist with a close interest in lab techniques as well as rocks.

Magma Cum Laude
Volcanologist Jessica Ball is part of AGU's official blogosphere.

Mars Rover Blog
A very active blog on the Mars rovers managed by Mark Carey.

Maureen Raymo's Blog
Chet Raymo's daughter is marine geologist Mo Raymo; confusingly, her engaging blog is called William Morris Fan Club.

Mienralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry
David Zakharov is a young Russian researcher with a fascination for alkaline igneous rocks.

National Geographic Paleontology
More of a newsfeed than a blog. There's also archaeology news here. Check the left sash for related news channels.

New Mexico Science
John Fleck, reporter for the Albuquerque Journal, keeps up this "weblog about science and technology" and includes reporting from local science centers. His own personal blog occasionally touches on science too.

Nobel Intent
The science-centric "journal" section of the tech site Ars Technica has some well written geoscience items and good commentary, although the server is slow.

This science policy blog is a project of the University of Colorado Center for Science and Technology Policy Research. Environmental scientist Roger Pielke Jr. is the foremost of several great bloggers there.

Quantum Diaries
Geology often mingles with physics, and the year-long Quantum Diaries project puts 11 actual physicists on the Web.

Rapid Uplift
Suvrat Kher's first-rate blog focuses "on geology, evolution and environmental and climatic changes."

Working climate scientists blog for the interested public and journalists. An island of light in the dark sea of climate-change debate.

Rockbandit's Geology News
Student Dave Schumaker compiles a focused blog of scientific news items.

Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog
Ron teaches geology in Kansas and has an ambitious blog full of good photos.

Science Musings
Author and commentator Chet Raymo walks the boundaries of science and philosophy in a deeply felt and articulate blog.

Science, AntiScience and Geology
Joe Meert, of the University of Florida, fights the good fight against creationism.

SciGuy: Eric Berger
Eric Berger is a reporter for the Houston Chronicle ranging all over science.

slashdot Science
The Web's nerd-central site has a busy science page where the object is to astonish and alert you. Geology is a minor note there.

Stories in Stone
David B. Williams concentrates on stone, particularly in buildings.

The Accretionary Wedge
A periodic blog carnival that collects entries from many geo-blogs on a particular topic.

The Loom
Science writer Carl Zimmer ranges at will over "life, past and future." Keep up to date on evolution, paleontology and all they imply here. Part of the brainy Discover Magazine blogs group.

The Panda's Thumb
A sprightly group blog about evolution and the creationists who fruitlessly attack it.

The Traveling Geologist
Christopher Spencer shares his memorable trips with well-chosen words and photos.

The Volcanism Blog
Ralph Harrington focuses on volcanoes and closely related topics.

Through The Sandglass
Geologist-author Michael Welland focuses on sand, which is to say, the universe.

Accretionary Wedge #6: What Makes You Go 'Hmm' About the Earth
I submitted two things: the Anthropocene and the Grand Canyon.

Accretionary Wedge #8: How Geologists Observe Earth Day
On 22 April 2008, a collective of geologists spoke up for (and against) Earth Day in their own distinctive ways.

Fair Use for Geoscience Bloggers
Various science journal publishers and their fair-use guidelines for quoting published content.

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