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Geologists' Biographies

Famous Earth scientists from ancient times to today.

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The Parade of Heroes
Enjoy your geologists now, because you won't recognize them once they're history.

The Man Who Gave Everything
David Johnston lived and died to save people from volcanoes.

Memorializing Our Colleagues
What ways have you memorialized geologic colleagues who have died?

The Names We All Know
There's a certain class of Earth scientist so important that if you mentioned just their last names to a group of well-educated geologists, everyone would nod in recognition. Who are those guys?

Geologists and Related People in Westminster Abbey
Fifteen of the great achievers memorialized in London's Westminster Abbey are geologists or people closely related to geoscience.

Geo-Quiz 14: Geologists
Twelve personal questions about great figures in geology.

Moldwin's Timeline of Solar Terrestrial Physics
A cavalcade of about 100 geophysicists, actual and honorary, starting with Aristotle.

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