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Teaching and Learning Geology

Geology resources for students, teachers and hobbyists.
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Geologic Mistakes I Learned Something From - Reader Stories
Stories about learning experiences from geologists who made mistakes.

What Is Observing?
Scientific observation is a refined version of an everyday skill.

Where to Look for Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and minerals can be found everywhere, but there is a learning process involved.

How Geologists Use Their Five Senses
Sensory techniques that geologists learn.

Rocky Roadside Geology
A candy wrapper shows how geologists differ from the rest of us.

Field Etiquette for Geologists
The health of the profession depends on basic good behavior.

Stereoscopic Images - Geology in 3D
Visualize in three dimensions with photo stereopairs.

Periodic Table of the Elements
About Chemistry Guide Anne Helmenstine has this easy-to-use periodic table.

Do-It-Yourself Geology News
Go past the science soundbites and dig up the facts yourself.

Seismic Refraction Method
How a seismic refraction line is prepared and recorded.

The Gallery of Peaks
Portraits of mountains, small and large, from all over the world.

Open, Gray and Clear Literature
There's more to the literature than just the journals, which constitute the open literature.

How I Keep Up with the Literature
Hints from Earth scientists on finding the best papers in the literature

What Makes a Great Geology Site
After seeing 30,000 different sites, a small set of rules about the good ones.

College Geology Websites
A pioneering college Web site earned a medal in 1997 and still looks pretty good.

Leslek Pawlovicz reviews geologic apps for the Android platform.

An Earthcache is an educational virtual geocache or physical site that people can visit to view a unique geoscience feature on-the-ground.

Notes on Taking Field Notes
Harmon Maher of the University of Omaha says, among other things, "The most common error is to pay too much attention to your professors."

Free Online Geology Courses from MIT
Dozens of undergraduate and graduate courses available from the MIT Open Courseware site.

How to Visualize Geologic Time
People tell their tricks and tips for grasping millions adn billions of years.

Geology, Earth Science: What's the Difference?
Is geology different from Earth science?

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