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Ultramafic Rock Classification Diagram - Geology - About.com
The standard ternary diagram for classifying ultramafic rocks.
Komatiite - Igneous Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Komatiite is named for a locality on the Komati River of South Africa. It consists largely of olivine, making it the same composition as peridotite, but unlike the ...
Pyroxenite - Igneous Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Identifying this specimen, from the Feather River Ultramafics of the Sierra Nevada , was largely a process of elimination. It attracts a magnet, probably due to ...
A Tour of the Central California Ranges - Geology - About.com
... at upper left, Central Valley at upper right, Big Sur country (Santa Lucia Range) on lower left, Gabilan Range in center (red), New Idria ultramafics in purple.
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (A - Forestry - About.com
On drier sites on ultramafics and in bogs, forests can be very open and slow growing. The cedar is dominant in the forest cover type Port-Orford-Cedar ( Society ...

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