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Ultramafic Rock Classification Diagram - Geology - About.com
The standard ternary diagram for classifying ultramafic rocks.
Komatiite - Igneous Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Komatiite (ko-MOTTY-ite) is a rare and ancient ultramafic lava, the extrusive version of peridotite. (more below). Komatiite is named for a locality on the Komati ...
Pyroxenite - Igneous Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Pyroxenite belongs to the ultramafic group, meaning that it consists almost entirely of dark minerals rich in iron and magnesium. Specifically, its silicate minerals ...
Metamorphic Facies Defined and Explained - Geology - About.com
Ultramafic rocks (pyroxenite, peridotite etc.) have their own version of these facies: Zeolite facies: lizardite/chrysotile + brucite + magnetite (chlorite, carbonate ) ...
About Igneous Rocks - Geology - About.com
A light-colored intrusive or extrusive felsic rock, the shallow version of granite, is called felsite or rhyolite. And there is a suite of ultramafic rocks with even more ...
Carbon Sequestration - Geology - About.com
One of these being studied by researchers begins with the metal-rich minerals olivine and serpentine, found in ultramafic rocks. Finely crushed stone is ...
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (A - Forestry - About.com
Port-Orford-cedar grows on many geologic and soil types: sand dunes; bogs, margins of intermittent streams, and drier sites on ultramafic rocks; and productive ...
More on Igneous Rocks - Geology - About.com
Deeper and more specialized resources on igneous rocks including classification , granite, obsidian and more.
Peridotites and Pyroxenites Classification Diagram - Geology
This diagram is a subset of the general ultramafic rock diagram on the previous page that assumes a low percentage of amphibole minerals ("hornblende").
A Tour of the Central California Ranges - Geology - About.com
... at upper left, Central Valley at upper right, Big Sur country (Santa Lucia Range) on lower left, Gabilan Range in center (red), New Idria ultramafics in purple.

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