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Tsunamis - Geology - About.com
Tsunamis/tidal waves links, for introductory or in-depth research.
Tsunamis Caused by Weather - Meteotsunamis - Geology - About.com
In certain places the weather, not earthquakes, can cause tsunamis.
About Tsunamis - Geology - About.com
Introducing tsunamis or tidal waves--whatever you call them, watch out.
Preparing for a Tsunami - Tsunami Safety Guide - Geography
Tsunamis are large ocean waves generated by major earthquakes beneath the ocean floor or major landslides into the ocean. Tsunamis caused by nearby ...
What is a tsunami? - Geography - About.com
Often improperly called "tidal waves," tsunamis or seismic sea waves are usually ... to a region hundreds or thousands of miles from the tsunami's source.
Deaths from Tsunamis, by Ocean - Geology - About.com
The deadliest tsunamis recorded in each ocean basin.
Tsunamis from Landslides - The Other Kind of Tsunami - Geology
By now everyone on Earth knows about tsunamis—the dreadful tsunamis of 2004 and 2011 have seen to that, especially for people unfamiliar with the earlier ...
Tsunamis in Thailand - History & Impact - Thailand Travel - About.com
Tsunamis are large waves of water usually triggered by an earthquake, explosion or other event displacing a large amount of water. Out in the open ocean, ...
Sieberg-Ambraseys Tsunami Intensity Scale - Geology - About.com
The Sieberg-Ambraseys intensity scale rates the impact of tsunamis from 1 to 6.
Tsunamis in Greece - Greece Travel - About.com
Tsunamis in Greece - what causes tsunamis or tidal waves in Greece?
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