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Map Scale - Geography - About.com
Learn how to read distances on a map through its scale. Map scale can be indicated in a variety of ways. This comprehensive article also provides the definition ...
Bass Scales - Minor Scale - Guitar - About.com
One of the most common scales you will encounter is the minor scale. It has a moody or sad character, and is used in most music that doesn't convey happy or  ...
Understanding the Major Scale for the Bass - Guitar - About.com
An overview of the major scale for the bass, one of the most important bass scales. Learn how to play a major scale on a bass. Look at the fingering patterns for a ...
An Introduction to Playing Scales on the Bass - Guitar - About.com
A detailed look at bass scales. Learn about what a scale is, what kinds of scales there are, and the terminology used to talk about them. Find out how to play ...
Guitar Scales Library - An Illustrated Collection of Guitar Scales
For guitarists looking for guitar scales, here is an illustrated collection of guitar scales, with variations for each scale, and performance tips.
Minor Scale - Musical Term Meaning - Piano - About.com
A minor scale is a series of notes with a sad, somber character (exaggerated when heard back-to-back with a major scale). A minor scale begins on the sixth ...
Learn Major and Minor Piano Scales - About.com
... scales are built similarly, but have a few distinct characteristics. Learn how major and minor scales are formed, and play common major and minor piano scales.
The Importance of Scale in Miniatures
How scale is applied to miniatures and models. Information on scales for model railroads scales, antiques, miniature vehicles, gaming figures, dollhouses and ...
Definition of Indexes and Scales for Social Sciences - Sociology
If you are conducting a social science research project, chances are good that you will encounter indexes and scales. While these two types of measures do ...
What Are Major Scales? (Overview in Music) - Music Education
Scales refer to a series of notes that go in an ascending and descending manner. The major scale is the foundation from which all other scales are formed.
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