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Bass Scales - Minor Scale - Guitar - About.com
One of the most common scales you will encounter is the minor scale. It has a moody or sad character, and is used in most music that doesn't convey happy or  ...
An Introduction to Playing Scales on the Bass - Guitar - About.com
A detailed look at bass scales. Learn about what a scale is, what kinds of scales there are, and the terminology used to talk about them. Find out how to play ...
Understanding the Major Scale for the Bass - Guitar - About.com
An overview of the major scale for the bass, one of the most important bass scales. Learn how to play a major scale on a bass. Look at the fingering patterns for a ...
Learning Guitar - Lesson One - Playing a Scale - About.com
Now we're getting somewhere! In order to become skillful on the guitar, we'll need to build the muscles in our hands, and learn to stretch our fingers. Scales are ...
Guitar Scales Library - An Illustrated Collection of Guitar Scales
For guitarists looking for guitar scales, here is an illustrated collection of guitar scales, with variations for each scale, and performance tips.
Learning the Harmonic Minor Scale on Guitar
Learning the harmonic minor scale should help take your guitar playing to the next level. Check out this feature on the many uses of the harmonic minor scale.
Bass Scales | Chromatic Scale for Bass - Guitar - About.com
Learn how to play the chromatic scale on the bass. Use this bass lesson on the chromatic scale as a primer for other bass scales.
Minor Scale - Musical Term Meaning - Piano - About.com
A minor scale is characterized by a sad, somber mood. Learn more about how to build minor scales; how minor differs from major, and the intervals which make ...
Learn Major and Minor Piano Scales - About.com
... scales are built similarly, but have a few distinct characteristics. Learn how major and minor scales are formed, and play common major and minor piano scales.
Positions of the Major Scale - Guitar Lesson - About.com
Interested in learning to play the major scale all over the fretboard, and also learn the modes of the major scale in the process? Check out this series of major ...
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