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Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
The element phosphorus is very important for the basic machinery of life. Thus phosphate minerals, in which phosphorus is oxidized in the phosphate group, ...
Apatite - Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
Apatite is a family of minerals centered around fluorapatite, or calcium phosphate with a bit of fluorine, with the formula Ca5(PO4)3F. Other members of the ...
Variscite - Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
Variscite forms as a secondary mineral, near the surface, in places where clay minerals and phosphate minerals occur together. As these minerals break down,  ...
Lazulite - Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
The color of lazulite ranges from azure- to violet-blue and bluish-green. It's the magnesium end member of a series with the iron-bearing scorzalite, which is very ...
Turquoise - Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
Turquoise, a precious gemstone, is also a phosphate mineral.
Pyromorphite - Phosphate Minerals - Geology - About.com
Pyromorphite is a significant phosphate mineral and ore of lead.
Phosphate in a Nutshell - Geology - About.com
In the Earth's mantle and in the igneous rocks derived from the mantle, phosphorus occurs in a limited set of minerals, mainly the apatite group. From these ...
Minerals and Mineralogy - Geology - About.com
Minerals, their identification, and the deeper science behind them.
Dietary Minerals and Real Minerals - Geology - About.com
What Minerals Would We Eat if We Needed to Eat Minerals? ... like phosphorus, that their most stable configuration in water is as the big phosphate ion PO43-.
Mineral Pictures Index - Geology - About.com
My master guide to annotated pictures to help you identify minerals: typical examples of ... Apatite—The phosphate mineral making up teeth and bones.
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