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Komatiite - Igneous Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Komatiite (ko-MOTTY-ite) is a rare and ancient ultramafic lava, the extrusive version of peridotite. (more below). Komatiite is named for a locality on the Komati ...
Pictures and Descriptions of Igneous Rock Types
Komatiite. Komatiite. Extrusive monzonite - Photo (c) 2011 Andrew Alden, licensed to About.com. Latite. Latite. Volcanic glass - Photo (c) 2007 Andrew Alden, ...
The Geology of Bricks - About.com
The only igneous rock with enough energy to even have a chance to fire proper brick would be the superhot lava known as komatiite, thought to have reached ...
Rock Pictures - An Index Page of Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Komatiite—Rare and ancient ultramafic lava. Lapillistone—Volcanic rock formed of little ash balls. Latite—Dark, low-quartz lava, extrusive version of monzonite.
Igneous Rock Textures - Spinifex Texture - Geology - About.com
Spinifex texture, found only in komatiite, consists of large crisscrossing platy crystals of olivine. Spinifex is a spiny Australian grass. Photo Credit: Photo courtesy ...

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