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Galunggung Volcano, Indonesia - Geology - About.com
Photo of Galunggung Volcano, Indonesia, by the USGS's Jack Lockwood.
Seismic Hazard Map of Indonesia - Geology - About.com
This portion of the Global Seismic Hazard Map shows the different levels of shaking hazard for Indonesia. Click the image to see it at 1100 pixels width.
The Sumatra Earthquake of 26 December 2004 - Geology - About.com
In Indonesia, some 240,000 people died from the quake and tsunami combined. ... And the U.S. Geological Survey's main page for the quake has much material ...
About Convergent Zones in Plate Tectonics - Geology - About.com
In the Atlantic are the Caribbean and South Sandwich island arcs. In the Indian Ocean is the tangle of arcs that makes up the Indonesian archipelago.
Volcano Hazard Zone Sign, Merapi, Indonesia - Geology - About.com
Volcano Hazard Zone Sign, Merapi, Indonesia. Geological Signs. Stand back, volcano hazard - Photo courtesy Henrietta Bauer, all rights reserved. "Beware!
The Bre-X Gold Scandal, History and Resources - Geology - About ...
But after Bre-X hired a high-living geologist to map the ore body, the deposit, ... So did the Indonesian government, in the person of president Suharto and his ...
Agate or Chalcedony Rock - Geology - About.com
This is a particularly refined specimen from Indonesia. ... For deep geologic information on agates, including hundreds of pictures, visit the Agate Resources  ...
Calderas - World's Largest Calderas - Geology - About.com
Toba, Indonesia, 2.60 N 98.80 E, 100 x 35, 74 ka. Tondano, Indonesia, 1.25 N 124.85 E, 30 x 20, Quaternary. Maroa/ Whakamaru, New Zealand, 38.55 S
Indonesia - Geography, History, and More - About.com
Geography of Indonesia: Read this article to learn about Indonesia. Learn about Indonesia's history, governmental structure, economy, geography and climate ...
Petrified Wood Factory in Indonesia - Geology - About.com
Petrified Wood Factory in Indonesia. Picture Gallery of Fossil Wood. A fossil lumberyard - Photo courtesy Gerard Tripp, all rights reserved. Photo courtesy Gerard ...
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