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History of Geology
Sources for the history of the Earth sciences. ... 1 Subcategories in History of Geology ... James Hutton, the father of modern geology, was a thoroughgoing ...
A Brief History of Precambrian Time 1: Hadean and Archean - Geology
This article condenses 4 billion years of Earth history into two pages. ... in the 1800s, geologists established a fossil-based framework of geologic age periods,  ...
Explore Geology - Learning and Activities - About.com
Get involved more deeply and personally in geology-related activities. ... Geology has had a deep influence on intellectual history as well as today's politics.
Geology Basics - Resources and Articles
All of human history is the briefest moment at the end of four billion years of geologic time. How do geologists measure and order the milestones in Earth's long ...
Eras of the Geologic Time Scale - Evolution - About.com
The Geologic Time Scale is the history of the Earth broken down into spans of time marked by various events. There are other markers, like the types of species  ...
Colorado Geology - About.com
All sorts of content about Colorado geology: its rocks, landforms and deep history .
What Is Geology? - About.com
Geology is anything to do with the planet Earth. NASA image. Geology is the study of the Earth, its substances, shapes, processes and history.
Connecticut Geology - A Long and Eventful Geologic History
The landscape and geology of Los Angeles is a topic in itself, but let's look at ... ages and types crop out in Connecticut, evidence of a long and eventful history.
Alabama Geologic Map - Geology - About.com
Geologic map of Alabama, part of a set of all 50 states. ... in the shallow waters that have covered most of the central continent throughout geologic history. Ads.
Earth, An Intimate History by Richard Fortey - Geology - About.com
A 'geology for poets' book that delivers geology AND poetry, thanks to a paleontologist author who reaches deep into the science without leaving his heart and ...
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