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Articles related to geomagnetism

About the Earth's Magnetic Field - Geology - About.com
Basics of the geomagnetic field: how we discovered it, how it's made, how it protects us.
Edmond Halley, Father of Geophysics - Geology - About.com
He had unearthed a new problem—understanding the geomagnetic field—and while we have made great progress in 300 years, it is still a central mystery of ...
Mystery Spots - Geology - About.com
Sometimes geomagnetic storms, like those that cause auroras, make compass needles fluctuate. There are also the dimly understood electrical currents, called  ...
Do Magnetic Reversals Affect Migrating Animals?
Migrating animals like birds survive geomagnetic reversals, so they can't be that deadly.
Solar Activity and Geomagnetic Events - Effects on Mind, Body & Spirit
Collection of articles on solar activity, geomagnetic events and their effects on mind, body & spirit.
Suicide - Bipolar Disorder - About.com
Estimates say that around 20% of people who suffer from bipolar disorder will commit suicide, and as many as 50% of all people with the illness may attempt ...
About Paleomagnetism - Geology - About.com
Paleomagnetism means the magnetic evidence of Earth's past. It's a recent part of our long-standing interest in the geomagnetic field, which goes back centuries  ...
Sputnik 1 - A Brief History of the First Artificial Satellite in Space
Included in these projects were investigations of auroras aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, glaciology, gravity, the ionosphere, determinations of ...
International GeoPhysical Year - IGY - Inventors - About.com
The US program included investigations of aurora and airglow, cosmic rays, geomagnetism, glaciology, gravity, the ionosphere, determinations of longitude and ...
Readers Respond: Are you worried about Nibiru approaching?
... http://science.jrank.org/pages/47642/geomagnetism-polarity-reversals.html As to wether there is a 12th planet or a planet X there is not much we can do within ...
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