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Geologic Processes and Features - Geology - About.com
Agents of geologic change and the geologic signs they leave on the rocks and land.
Pictures of Geologic Features and Processes - Geology - About.com
Pictures of geologic features and the processes of geology.
Ball-and-Pillow Structure, California - Pictures of ... - Geology
Sedimentary rocks tell stories about the geologic processes that made them. These processes are familiar—waves and currents, winds and weather, living ...
Exfoliation - Mechanical or Physical Weathering Gallery - Geology
Exfoliation is the process in which rocks weather by peeling off in sheets rather ... Weathering: Details of This Central Geologic Process · Physical or Chemical: ...
What Is Geology? - About.com
Geologic hazards are powerful expressions of geologic processes. Landslides, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis, climate change, flooding and ...
Geology Basics - Resources and Articles
Hazards are ordinary geologic processes that interfere with human life. Here are introductions to the major geologic hazards. For news and background about ...
Black Smoker - Hydrothermal Features - Geology - About.com
Geology's liveliest characters - Photo courtesy ollografik of Flickr under Creative ... Landforms and Geologic Features · Geologic Processes and Features ...
Cavernous Weathering - Mechanical or Physical ... - Geology
Tafoni are large rounded pits that form by a physical process called cavernous weathering, which starts when water brings dissolved minerals to the rock surface ...
Quartz - Geology - About.com
Geologic processes have concentrated it there. Quartz is found in most geologic settings, but it most typically forms sedimentary rocks like sandstone. This is no ...
Imbrication, Nevada - Pictures of Sedimentary Structures - Geology
Geology Categories ... ggeologic map - Texas Bureau of Economic Geology ... Geology · Landforms and Geologic Features · Geologic Processes and Features  ...
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