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Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Earthquake facts, hazards, preparedness and prediction.
Learn the Basics of Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Start here for the seismic basics: faults that cause earthquakes, types of seismic waves, damages they cause and more.
The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 - Geology - About.com
The Great San Francisco Earthquake was the stuff of legend—but it really happened. A vibrant city saddled with a corrupt government was laid low by a colossal ...
What Causes an Earthquake in Greece? - Greece Travel - About.com
The Institute of Geodynamics in Greece lists recent earthquake data on its website, which offers both a Greek- and English-language version. They show the ...
Current Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Directions to information and data from earthquakes as fast as possible.
An Overview of Earthquakes - Geography - About.com
Earthquakes are one of the most powerful natural forces on earth and regularly affect people around the world. Unlike often equally damaging severe weather ...
The Great Cascadia Earthquake of 2xxx - Geology - About.com
Cascadia is America's own tectonic version of Sumatra, where the magnitude 9.3 earthquake and tsunami of 2004 occurred. Stretching off the Pacific shore from ...
Deep Earthquakes - Why They Happen - Geology - About.com
Shallow earthquakes require solid rocks to occur—more specifically, cold, brittle rocks. Only these can store up elastic strain along a geologic fault, held in check  ...
Measuring Earthquake Magnitudes - Geology - About.com
Nowadays, every earthquake magnitude scale is the Richter scale.
Earthquake Prediction - Geology - About.com
Scientific approaches to foreseeing earthquakes. ... A moderate quake near Big Bear, California illustrates the new stress-triggering theory of earthquake ...
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