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Articles related to earthquakes

Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Fast Links for Real-Time Info on Current Earthquakes · Directions to information and data from earthquakes as fast as possible. Share ...
Learn the Basics of Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Start here for the seismic basics: faults that cause earthquakes, types of seismic waves, damages they cause and more.
Articles on Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Features about earthquakes, seismology, and related phenomena from your About Geology Guide.
Earthquakes - A Seismograph Measures Earthquakes - Inventors
In 1880, Sir James Alfred Ewing, Thomas Gray and John Milne, all British scientists working in Japan, began to study earthquakes. They founded the ...
An Overview of Earthquakes - Geography - About.com
A thorough overview of earthquakes and earthquake facts from the About.com Geography site and intern Amanda Briney.
Fire and Ice: Melting Glaciers Trigger Earthquakes, Tsunamis and ...
Melting glaciers caused by global warming will lead to an increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, according to geologists who have  ...
Deep Earthquakes - Why They Happen - Geology - About.com
Deep earthquakes were discovered in the 1920s, but they remain a subject of contention today. The reason is simple: they aren't supposed to happen. Yet they  ...
How Earthquakes Disturb Streams and Groundwater - Geology
Earthquakes affect water even more than they do land.
Current Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Here are the best places to zero in on earthquakes. These sites may be slow after a major earthquake. Be ready to try alternative sites on this list.
Are There Earthquakes in Michigan? - Detroit - About.com
Geology and Earthquakes in Michigan and Detroit - Are There Earthquakes in Michigan? Information includes midwest geology, earthquake hazard risk, rifts, ...
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