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Articles related to earthquakes

Learn the Basics of Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Start here for the seismic basics: faults that cause earthquakes, types of seismic waves, damages they cause and more.
Earthquakes - Geology - About.com
Earthquake facts, hazards, preparedness and prediction.
How Earthquakes Disturb Streams and Groundwater - Geology
Earthquakes affect water even more than they do land.
What Causes an Earthquake in Greece? - Greece Travel - About.com
The Institute of Geodynamics in Greece lists recent earthquake data on its website, which offers both a Greek- and English-language version. They show the ...
Fire and Ice: Melting Glaciers Trigger Earthquakes, Tsunamis and ...
Melting glaciers caused by global warming will lead to an increasing number of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, according to geologists who have  ...
What to Do During an Earthquake - Los Angeles Travel - About.com
Earthquake safety should not be a big concern when traveling to Los Angeles, but in the unlikely event that an earthquake does occur while you're in town, ...
An Overview of Earthquakes - Geography - About.com
A thorough overview of earthquakes and earthquake facts from the About.com Geography site and intern Amanda Briney.
Earthquakes - A Seismograph Measures Earthquakes - Inventors
History of the seismograph and earthquake measurement.
Seattle Earthquakes, Types of Quakes & Fault Lines - Seattle/Tacoma
Learn about the types of earthquakes possible in the Seattle area, as well as the history of past quakes in the region--from the 2001 Nisqually quake back to one ...
Are There Earthquakes in Michigan? - Detroit - About.com
While the frequency and severity of earthquakes in Michigan don't merit safety drills, the state has felt tremors from time to time. That being said, the state ranks ...
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