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Desert Varnish - Geology - About.com
A photo of desert varnish from Joshua Tree National Park, California.
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada - Desert Varnish
Red rocks of the Aztec Sandstone display desert varnish in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.
Desert Pavement - Geology - About.com
(more about Joshua Tree). Notice the dark surfaces of many of the stones. This dark surface is desert varnish. It does not cover every rock because this site is on  ...
Pictures of Geologic Features and Processes - Geology - About.com
Bioturbation—A desert anthill illustrates organic weathering. Black Sand—Black sand is ... Desert Varnish—A close-up and explanation of this dark rock coating.
Desert Pavement Theories - Geology - About.com
What makes desert pavement dark is rock varnish, a peculiar coating built up over many decades by windblown clay particles and the tough bacteria that live on ...
Geology of Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada - About.com
The Aztec Sandstone displays crossbedding in this spectacular desert park northeast of Las Vegas. ... Desert Varnish. Desert Varnish. Precious pictures - Photo ...
Pinto Gneiss in Joshua Tree National Park - Geology - About.com
The rock's dark shade here is due to desert varnish. The cactus, Ferocactus cylindraceus, is intricately colored and thickly studded with wicked spines. See it and ...
Rock Art by Native Americans in Nevada - Reno/Tahoe - About.com
The dry desert climate and sparse population in Nevada have been big factors in ... surface darkening that occurs with age (also referred to as "desert varnish").
Psilomelane - Oxide Minerals - Geology - About.com
... these rocks' travels in the ancient California subduction zone, this crust would be the result. Manganese oxides are also a major ingredient in desert varnish.
The Supercrack of the Desert - Climbing - About.com
The Supercrack of the Desert — 1976 First Ascent of an Historic Utah Climb .... The sandstone is a rustic brown, polished and streaked with desert varnish.
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