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Picture Glossary of Geological Landforms - Geology - About.com
Find and see geological landforms at About.com Geology. ... rock column carved by desert erosion. Hoodoo Rock—Bizarre rock shape carved by desert erosion.
Yardang - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
This field of yardangs formed in poorly lithified sediments of a former lake bed in Egypt's Western Desert. Steady winds blew away the dust and silt, and in the ...
Arch - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
Erosional Landform Pictures. By Andrew Alden. This arch, in Arches National Park in Utah, formed by erosion of solid rock. Water is the sculptor, even in deserts ...
Butte - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
The incomparable landscape of the Four Corners region, in the desert Southwest of the United States, is dotted with mesas and with buttes, their smaller siblings ...
Desert Pavement - Geology - About.com
Desert pavement in Joshua Tree National Park and on Mars, with notes from the ... See more examples of desert pavement in this photo gallery. ... Landforms
Mesa - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
is Spanish for table, and another name for mesas is table mountains. Mesas form in arid climates in regions where nearly flat rocks, either sedimentary beds or ...
Desert Geology - California Geology Gallery - About.com
Photos of the geology of the California desert region. ... Application Essay Prompts. See More About. deserts · desert landforms · southern california geology ...
Hoodoo Rock - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
Deserts create many strange-looking landforms from the rocks beneath them, like arches and domes and yardangs and mesas. But a particularly grotesque one ...
Desert Varnish - Geology - About.com
A photo of desert varnish from Joshua Tree National Park, California. ... But the stone on the right is covered with desert varnish or rock varnish. ... Landforms
Gully - Erosional Landforms - Geology - About.com
A gully is part of a spectrum of landforms created as running water erodes sediment. Erosion starts with sheet erosion, until running water concentrates into small ...
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