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Articles related to cosmic impacts

Look to the Skies! - Cosmic Impacts - Geology - About.com
Research on cosmic impacts has made us take a big gulp and thank our lucky stars.
Cosmic Impacts - Geology - About.com
Impacts, craters, and the geology that accompanies them. ... Research on cosmic impacts has made us take a big gulp and thank our lucky stars. Share ...
The Torino Scale of Cosmic Impacts - Measuring the Unimaginable
One concrete step was taken in 1999 by researchers who created the first numerical scale for cosmic impact events—a "Richter scale" for meteorite strikes.
Recent Cosmic Impacts on Earth - Do Global Myths Reflect an ...
In this essay, contributor Thomas F. King describes the work of archaeologist Bruce Masse, who uses the nascent subfield of geomythology to trace world ...
Torino Scale of Cosmic Impact Events - Geology - About.com
The Torino Scale measures the magnitude of the threat to life on Earth from asteroid and cometary impacts. If we're lucky, it won't be used in our lifetimes.
Tunguska, the Cosmic Hit of the Century - Geology - About.com
The Tunguska cosmic impact of 1908 was a lucky strike for Earth.
Articles on Geologic Hazards - Geology - About.com
Cosmic Impacts People worry that civilization may end in a crater. A Day on the Line Touring the dangerous Hayward fault with quake experts. Earthquake Odds  ...
Earth Science Scales - Geology - About.com
Official scales for earthquake magnitudes, mineral hardness, volcanic eruptions, space weather events, and cosmic impacts.
New Asteroid Threat to Earth - Impact Potential in 2014
New Asteroid Threat to Earth - Impact Potential in 2014. Although ... If an impact does occur, it could be on March 21, 2014. ... Learn More about the Cosmos!
Quakes and Other Events - Geological Phenomena - Geology
Tsunamis are giant sea waves created by earthquakes, landslides and cosmic impacts. Introducing Tsunamis · Deadliest Tsunamis in 4 Oceans · Six-Point ...
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