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Geologic Controversies - Geology - About.com
Geologic theories--small comets, the nuclear core, evolution, the Flood, creationism and more--that have aroused controversy.
The Biggest Controversies in Olympic Gymnastics
From the ongoing age limit debate, to the doping scandal with Andreea Raducan and arguable wins of Tatiana Gutsu and Dimosthenis Tampakos, find out the ...
The Controversy of Evolution - A Brief Overview - About.com
Most religions do not argue that species change over time. The overwhelming scientific evidence can't be ignored. However, the controversy stems from the idea ...
Dinosaur Controversies - Dinosaurs - About.com
Controversies about dinosaurs and dinosaur evolution. Was T-Rex a hunter or a scavenger? Were the dinosaurs warm-blooded or cold-blooded? What do ...
Controversy Behind Evidence Based Medicine - Patient Empowerment
May 16, 2013 ... The Controversies Behind Evidence-Based Medicine. Smart Patients Understand the Pros and Cons of Using EBM for Treatment Decisions.
Gymnast Svetlana Khorkina Falls on Vault at the 2000 Sydney ...
The vaulting horse was set to the wrong height, causing many athletes to fall. Find out why Khorkina's fall was one of the biggest controversies in gymnastics.
Issues and Controversies in Journalism - About.com
Press freedom, meanwhile, continues to be nonexistent or under threat in many countries around the world, and controversies about issues like journalistic ...
Biggest Controversies in Olympic Boxing History - About.com
Throw in some incompetence, not to mention corruption, and the stage is set for controversy. Here are a few examples (in chronological order): 1. London, 1908:  ...
Evolution Controversies - About.com
Information about evolution controversies as portrayed by the media. Includes new and historical government legislation and court cases.
Obama Scandals and Controversies - List - US Politics on About.com
Read of list of the scandals and controversies that occurred during President Barack Obama's administration. Find out the outcome of the Obama scandals and ...
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