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The Small-Comets Hypothesis - Geology - About.com
Little icy comets or processing errors? The story of a controversial theory.
What Are Comets? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
In ancient cultures comets were seen as omens and were therefore looked upon with reverence and fear. But these beautiful objects are little more than balls of ...
Where Do Comets Come From? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Comets are amazing objects, and can be quite beautiful when viewed through a telescope or, if lucky, the naked eye. But where do this fascinating objects come ...
Comets Information - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Throughout history, people have been both awed and alarmed by comets, stars with "long hair" that appeared in the sky unannounced and unpredictably.
Comets - Pictures and Astronomy Facts
was emailed to: Thanks for sharing About.com with others! Most Emailed Articles. Now We Can Begin. Comets. Images of Comets. Halebopp, Halley, Hyakutake ...
Halley's Comet - Some History and Facts
However, it may not be representative of comets in general. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. Halley's Comet played a prominent role in history because of its large ...
The Oort Cloud - Outer Reaches of Our Solar System
Most of the objects are what we refer to as comets; large globs of ice and dust. ... It is believed that the objects, such as comets, that now reside in the Oort cloud ...
Ulysses Mission to the Sun - Jupiter - Comets - Space/Astronomy
The Ulysses mission was an outgrowth of the abandoned International Solar Polar Mission (ISPM) that involved two spacecraft flying over opposite solar poles to ...
Kansas City Comets Indoor Soccer - Kansas City, MO - About.com
If you were anywhere near the Kansas City Metro in the 1980's, I can guarantee you know the theme song of the Kansas City Comets. Actually, I can hear it in my  ...
How Will We Prevent Earth's Destruction by Asteroids?
History tells us that large comets or asteroids periodically collide with Earth, and the results can be devastating. There is evidence that a large object collided ...
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