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Geophysics Articles
Features about geology without rocks from your About Geology Guide

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Agony of the Kursk Seismic networks heard the death of a Russian sub.

Air Seismology Infrasonic sounds too deep to hear fill the Earth's air.

The Atmosphere and Above Follow geology into space, finding sprites and other marvels along the way.

Doing Something About the Climate A century's advances in studying global warming.

The Father of Geophysics Edmond Halley was a scientist for the ages.

Geodesy and Earth Rotation The day's length varies by microseconds, for interesting reasons.

Getting to the Core Finally, we're filling in the last big blank.

Gravimetry: A Project of Constant Improvement New meters can sense your body's attraction.

Look, Up in the Sky The electric upper atmosphere has sprites, blue jets, elves, trolls and more.

Modeling Cosmic Impacts Civilization might end in a crater.

Cosmic Isotopes Radiocarbon and other isotopic tools are forged in space.

Sounding the Sun Solar studies tell us important things about Earth.

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