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Earthquake Articles
Features about earthquakes, seismology, and related phenomena

I'm not maintaining this list any more. You'll find these more easily in the Earthquakes category.

Aftershocks: Not Afterthoughts They can be worse than the big one itself.

Crackdown on GeoForecaster Science and the state are allergic to quake predicters.

A Day on the Line A tour of the Hayward fault with earthquake experts.

Did You Feel It? A Web-based method uses us to gauge earthquakes.

Do Bombs Cause Earthquakes? Briefly, no; more details here.

Earthquake Prediction: Mission Impossible No one can do it.

Earthquakes and Schoolhouses It took a threat to kids for us to ensure quake-resistant buildings.

The Earthquakes Geo-Quiz Are you shaky on seismic subjects? Try it.

A Fault Is Born It's coming soon to California, in just a few centuries.

Getting Intense with Quakes Intensity scales rate seismic effects from I to XII.

The Global Seismic Hazard Map A great achievement, reproduced on this site.

Government Funds Attack on Earth's Crust EarthScope, "a new window into Earth," is under way.

A Hubble Telescope Into Earth A traveling seismic show will carpet the continent.

Infrasonics: Air Seismology Sounds too deep to hear fill the Earth's air.

Liquefaction This form of quake devastation is being widely assessed.

Loma Prieta Memories Every October, stories of the 1989 Bay area quake come rumbling back.

Measuring the Big One An introduction to earthquake magnitudes.

Minding the Store Earthquake engineers save lives by protecting buildings.

Political Aftershocks in Sacramento The Northridge quake triggered an insurance scandal.

Quake Warnings Before the Shaking Starts This long-term goal has spun off many benefits.

San Francisco Hazard Maps Get state-issued maps of where the ground will slide or liquefy.

Seismic Ears for Nuclear Peace Seismic networks help detect bomb tests.

Seismic Tomography How we make "ultrasound baby pictures" of the mantle.

Sleeping Well in Seattle That beautiful region must deal with earthquakes and more.

Starting to Save Shangri-La Earthquake Safety Day is an annual step forward for a precarious city.

Strange Seismometers No seismograph? Standing stones or shopping carts will do.

Stress Triggering A California earthquake fits a hot new theory.

Superfaults: Serious Friction Superfaults rub rocks together until they melt.

Testimony from the Deep Seismic networks heard a Russian submarine die.

The Textbook Quake The 1999 Hector Mine earthquake was perfect for seismologists.

Tsunamis: Killer Waves Call them tidal waves if you like, just watch out for them.

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