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Fieldwork in Southeastern Alaska, 1979

Photos and notes by your About Geology Guide

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After serving on a research cruise in the Gulf of Alaska, I joined a scientific party that went to Yakutat for a week.

This expedition was carried out by the U.S. Geological Survey, the world's foremost geology agency. As a Survey employee, I had the occasional chance to participate in research like this. The experience has been formative, and I regret the slow erosion of the USGS's budget and capability in the decades since this time.

Take a close look at the map before you go farther.

Map of the Yakutat area, southeastern Alaska. The jagged line is the USA-Canada border; the straight line is the Yukon–British Columbia border. Russell Fiord, northeast of Yakutat, has been the scene of notable jökulhlaups. U.S. Forest Service image.

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