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Makushin Volcano, Alaska, USA

Alaska Volcano Observatory photo (fair use policy)

Makushin Volcano is the highest point on Unalaska Island. John Muir described this peak in The Cruise of the Corwin (1881):

The noblest of them all was Makushin, about nine thousand feet high and laden with glaciers, a grand sight, far surpassing what I had been led to expect. There is a spot on its summit which is said to smoke, probably mostly steam and vapor from the infiltration of water into the heated cavities of the old volcano. The extreme summit of Makushin was wrapped in white clouds, and from beneath these the glaciers were seen descending impressively into the sunshine to within a thousand or fifteen hundred feet of sea-level. This fine mountain, glittering in its showy mail of snow and ice, together with a hundred other peaks dipping into the blue sky, and every one of them telling the work of ice or fire in their forms and sculpture—these, and the sparkling sea, and long inreaching fiords, are a noble picture to add to the thousand others which have enriched our lives this summer in the great Northland.

Makushin is in the middle of the great Aleutian chain, a subduction-related volcanic arc.

Arc Volcanism in a Nutshell

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