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Mount Hood, Oregon, USA

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Mount Hood is one of the noblest peaks of the Cascade Range and a jewel of the Portland region. As with most well-formed volcanoes, however, Hood is considered active and dangerous. It had just finished an eruption when the first European explorers visited the area in the late 1700s. That small lava dome still sends up steam.

One of Hood's enormous prehistoric landslides has been traced all the way across the nearby Columbia River and 5 kilometers up the other side. Unfortunately, its head end has been wiped off the side of the volcano by the glaciers that once covered a large part of the mountain, so we don't know just where it came from. But another one could certainly happen some time.

This view of Mount Hood is from the east, from The Dalles across the Columbia River. Most photos show the other side, which is more rugged and broken. See more pictures from this area here.

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