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Deadliest Tsunamis

This is an evolving table. Records of tsunami deaths are very commonly mixed with earthquake deaths, so notable tsunami events are surely missing from this table, and some numbers here may include deaths not caused by tsunamis. There also have been catastrophic waves recorded in India, attributed to storm surges, that may be tsunamis. The table reflects official compilations and has not been checked in detail. All large round numbers are approximate.

10 Deadliest Pacific Tsunamis

22 May 1782Taiwan40000
20 Sep 1498Japan31000
28 Oct 1707Japan30000
15 Jun 1896Japan27122
13 Aug 1868Chile25674
27 May 1293Japan23024
11 Mar 2011Japan18517
21 May 1792Japan15030
29 Aug 1741Hokkaido15000
24 Apr 1771Ryukyu Islands13486

10 Deadliest Indian Ocean Tsunamis

26 Dec 2004Sumatra225000
27 Aug 1883Java/Sumatra36500
26 Jun 1941Andaman Sea5000
3 Sep 1861Sumatra1700
16 Jun 1819Arabian Sea1543
28 Nov 1945Arabian Sea1000+
16 Feb 1861Sumatra905
2 Apr 1762Bay of Bengal500
19 Aug 1977Sunda Islands500
4 Jan 1907Sumatra400

10 Deadliest Atlantic Tsunamis

1 Nov 1755Portugal60000
7 Jun 1692Jamaica2000
30 Jan 1607England/Wales2000
3 Oct 1780Jamaica300
7 May 1842Haiti300
6 Dec 1917Nova Scotia200
4 Aug 1946Dominican Rep100
7 Sep 1882Panama65
11 Oct 1918Puerto Rico42
18 Nov 1929Newfoundland29

10 Deadliest Mediterranean Sea Tsunamis

1410 BCEGreek islands100000+
28 Dec 1908Italy10000+
6 Feb 1783Italy1500+
11 Jan 1693Italy1000+
20 Sep 1867Greece12
16 Oct 1979France10
13 Dec 1990Italy6
9 Jul 1956Greece4
20 Oct 1859Greece2
11 Sep 1930Italy2

Sources: Tsunami Laboratory of Novosibirsk, (US) National Geophysical Data Center, USC Tsunami Research Group and others

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